Sedona SD-9000 Digital Food Dehydrator Review

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If you are thinking of getting a food dehydrator, then you need to know that the Sedona SD-9000 Digital Food Dehydrator is a revolutionary appliance that can give you the answers you are looking for. This product, which features plenty of room for drying large quantities of food at any given time, will ensure that your food is well preserved, any time and all the time. Unlike most other types of dehydrators which blow air from the top, this food dehydrator blows air from the back of the unit horizontally across the trays ensuring uniform dehydration. Click here to check it out.

Sedona SD-9000 Food Dehydrator Features

Unlike most other types of dehydrators whose heating units are at the bottom, the Sedona digital food dehydrator blows horizontally making it possible for whatever food you are dehydrating to dry uniformly. The appliance also features an easy on and off switch and an electronic digital display temperature control, complete with a timer to give the flexibility and allow you the pleasure to control the dehydration process.

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Unlike most other common dehydrators, this Sedona SD-9000 food dehydrator features a glass door which can enable you to see the progress of the drying process, while the digital technology allows you to set accurate temperature controls. This high quality product also comes with 2 fans that will expedite the dehydration process for you while ensuring uniform drying. This food dehydrator is efficient in energy use and operates quietly without making a lot of noise like happens with most other dehydrators.

The Sedona SD-9000 dehydratorcomes with many more features to meet all your food drying needs hygienically and efficiently. Featuring 9 trays which provides for enough space to dehydrate large quantities of food at one time, this appliance also comes with BPA free plastic trays and tray mesh screens.

Sedona SD-9000 Food Dehydrator Review

Upon looking through the customer reviews posted about theSedona SD-9000 digital food dehydrator, it is evident that an overwhelming majority of users are happy with this appliance. Several reviewers found the product to have surpassed their expectations. Some pointed out that the machine was very easy to use and equally easy to clean; while others simply loved the fact that it could hold a lot of food at one go. One reviewer found it great for its control buttons and glass window. This customer also felt that the dehydrator was less noisy. For another reviewer, the electronic timer was simply out of this world. This customer also liked the digital thermometer. Another customer liked the appliance for its ability to dry food faster. Click here to read more reviews.

Nevertheless, a few helpful critical reviews came up as well. One unhappy customer observed that his unit arrived defective. For another one, he felt that the temperature was running a little lower than the setting. However, this reviewer also hailed the appliance for being less noisy.

Considering these customer reviews, it is evident that the Sedona SD-9000 Digital Food Dehydrator is a perfect buy and that it is great value for money. It will give you great satisfaction and is one you would want to recommend to friends and relatives. Click here to save $60.63 on the Sedona SD-9000 food dehydrator for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Vanessa June 27th, 2012 (#)

You will need strips of marinated beef / turkey before placing in the tray of your dehydrator. I recommend the marinade includes soy sauce and liquid smoke Lil (please search network ‘meat recipes for Jerk marinade..) Once you’ve put the strips of beef / turkey in plug trays in the dehydrator. It is a slow process. Heat and moisture to dissipate through the top. They give you 48 hours. You must be sudden. Store in sealed Ziploc plastic bags in the closet. You can do the same with apples and banana in the creation of chips apple or banana, respectively. You might want to do a search on the net of Ronco. See what you find there so there dehydrators go. Good luck and enjoy. Let me know how it goes.

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